Americana Style: Navy Blue Stripes

I’m true believer in blue.  I have loved the color blue ever since my best friend in elementary school decided she loved “purple”. It’s a color I have come to love and learn how it’s classic color for Americana style. I’ve found myself drawn once to black’s more sophisticated counterpart, navy blue with Resort 2012 Collections.

Stripes are back again and navy blue is the perfect color for this classic theme. For Resort 2012, designers put together stripes with navy blue inspired by nautical themes and while other designers go beyond.

(From Left to Right: Jen Kao, The Row, Yves Saint Laurent)

Some collections kept the nautical trend but with a twist like,Yves Saint Laurent, Douglas Hannant, while others went for more sleek and modern version, Jen Kao, and Mary Kate and Ashlee Olsen for The Row. opted for this trend, clearly all of them took a little research time, to find out about the history of this timeless trend and off course surely, after all the investigation they might have done, this pieces conducted their collections to hit the nail for Resort 2012.

Navy blue is a classic and timeless color and when paired in stripes it’s the perfect  must have this season and in 2012.