Jumpstart Your Summer: Go Tropical

Summer is here and with June gloom finally subsiding in Laguna Beach, I can finally get my spirit of summer back.  However, it’s hard to when every fashion magazine is all about Fall 2011 Collections and trends or the Fall 2012 Collections from Paris.

In order to jump start my summer, I go to the tropics for inspiration. I’ll be wearing looks inspired by last Summer/Spring 2011 Collections and this amazing painting by Maria Bertran. She’s a Laguna Beach artist inspired by the tropics and this dress by Cynthia Steffe.  Is it just me or can you see this model walking down the beach wearing this beautiful strapless Maxi dress? (Please note, to go tropical fruit is not always part of the theme)

Thompson Court by Maria Bertran

Cynthia Steffe Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

2 thoughts on “Jumpstart Your Summer: Go Tropical

  1. I like how connected the painting with clothes! Inspiration comes from everywhere. I agree, sometimes the industry moves so fast, and sometimes you just want to think about the ‘now’ where you are right now.

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